Homesteads for Hope Sammy Burke Eagle Project

Hello, my name is Sammy Burke. I am currently a Life scout working toward my Eagle scout.
For my Eagle scout project, I want to build a Garden Cafe Pavillon and Gardens for Homesteads for Hope's new Garden Cafe. This will be a 20x20 pavilion with landscaping around it. It will include rustic wagon wheel tables, chairs, and a few hanging swings.

This will benefit the farm as they recently opened the Garden Cafe but need a covered seating area that is near the cafe for those who do not wish to walk and sit by the canal. This seating area and garden will be on the parking lot side of the main barn and make a nice garden feature at the entrance. The garden will include a wishing pond for future donations, 2 flag poles (US and farm flag), and memory bricks outlining the cafe pad.

I choose Homesteads for Hope as I have seen the good they have done for people of all abilities in our community and believe in their dreams for the future. The photo is of my brothers and me a few years after Homesteads for Hope was started and before they had purchased the farm. They now own the farm, run several classes, have a CSA program, farm store, cafe, several green houses, a large chicken yard and hopefully some goats soon. I am the smallest in this photo, but I have grown quite a bit since then. I still believe in the dreams and hopes of those that this farm supports.

Homesteads for Hope Sammy Burke Eagle Project

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