Calling all Heron Heights Families!
Welcome to our Pave The Way To A Safer School campaign!

In the days and weeks that followed the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school, the PTO has worked tirelessly alongside Principal King and the school board to determine what needs to be done to improve safety at Heron Heights. In order to make these improvements in the timeliest manner possible, we have decided to raise the funds ourselves.

This is where you come in! We will be replacing the walkway into Heron Heights with Forever Bricks. You can purchase a brick for your family, for your children, a favorite teacher or anyone you would like to honor!

4x8 bricks are $100 and can have up to 3 lines with up to 18 characters per line!
8x8 bricks are $225 and can have up to 6 lines with up to 18 characters per line!

The funds raised during the Pave the Way to a Safer School campaign will be used to fund the following safety improvements: additional fencing on campus that includes vision obstruction options, installation of a front office buzzer for the door between the office and the school building, various windows and doors covered with reinforced film and tint, impact resistant windows for the three modular classrooms, and magnetic window covering for interior vision panels of classroom doors for emergency lockdowns.

Thank you for your support!


Where will my brick go? We will be replacing the concrete entrance walkway into school with the bricks. The more bricks we sell the more walkway we will have paved.

Will Broward County Schools be funding any of these safety improvements for the schools?
Yes, eventually Broward county will make changes across the board for all 266 schools in the district. This process could take years to complete. Our amazing community of parents has already expressed an interest in donating to improving school safety so we are going ahead with a safety campaign to cover the expenses ourselves.

The PTO already raised upwards of $70,000 during this years wildly successful Fun Run. Canít those funds be reallocated to cover safety costs?
Absolutely, yes those funds can be reallocated to cover safety costs and on the short term we may borrow from those funds. However, we would hate to abandon school improvements we already planned on making (shade over the playground for example) entirely. This campaign will allow us to do both.

Wait, what about the SHADE on the playground? Donít worry! The shade is still a priority! As it stands we do not have enough funds to cover the cost of a shade so we will continue to raise funds for the shade while also using the current money we have to continue to fund programs going on in school.

Heron Heights Elementary PTO Paving our way to a Safer School!

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An exact duplicate of the brick that you are purchasing from your organization, with the addition of felt backing.
4x8 $40; 4x8 w/ logo $45; 8x8 $80; 8x8 w/ logo $85
Laser-printed certificate on heavy ivory paper showing your inscription on red-colored brick. $10

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