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Imagine that each and every day a plane crashes and all 130 people on board died...every day! Thatís how many people are dying each day from the diseases of alcohol and drug addiction. If the planes were really crashing each day, we would all be up in arms wanting to find a solution. Unfortunately, with drug and alcohol addiction, there does not seem to be that same level of public outrage. Thankfully, stereotypes are fading and addiction is being seen for what it truly is; a disease of the brain. Addiction affects every gender, every race, every religion, every income level, every age, etc. There are no boundaries just as there are no boundaries for cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. The disease of addiction touches everyone in some way. The disease of addiction permeates everywhere.

Harmony Foundation has provided life-saving treatment to over 25,000 individuals since its beginning in 1969. We are one of the longest running and successful treatment centers in the country, receiving many acknowledgements from our alumni describing how the program has saved their lives, their families, helped them to become contributing members of their communities, and given them a quality of life that is beyond their imagination.

Each month, dozens of families and individuals reach out to Harmony to help save a loved oneís life. In many cases, the individual or family do not have the resources t to pay for treatment. There are very few quality treatment options for those who do not have the means to pay for them. Through our scholarship fund, The Gift of Recovery, Harmony supports the 50% of the people who call and cannot afford treatment. Together, we can provide the treatment these loved ones deserve.

The Serenity Path is located in front of the Main Lodge near the Menís Gazebo. Your donation of $150 or more will place your brick on the Serenity Path as a permanent reminder of your commitment to helping others in need. You can memorialize or honor someone, or create a message of hope and recovery to inspire others.

Harmony offers many additional ways to create a message of hope or honor someone as a part of The Gift of Recovery campaign. Please visit our website to see the other options, if a brick is not what you are looking for. http://www.harmonyfoundationinc.com

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