Dear Friends:

East Boston Camps is a 300-acre parcel of pristine conservation land in the heart of Westford crisscrossed by miles of walking trails, 30 camp buildings and the 25-acre Burge’s Pond. The property was a fresh air camp for children from East Boston for over 70 years and ceased operation in 2007 after the property was sold to the town of Westford.  

The Westford Friends of East Boston Camps is a 501 (c)(3) organization whose mission is to raise funds for the protection of the forest, wildlife and water quality and to continue the tradition of an overnight camp.  Our goal is to insure that attendance at the camp would be available at a reasonable cost to underprivileged children.

We are successfully restoring this historic camp.  All of the original camp buildings remain on the premises and some are in need of repair. The generosity of former campers, concerned residents, and businesses such as yours has made preservation of this beautiful and historic property possible.

We have made significant progress bringing the camp facilities to building and health code standards. Our accomplishments include bringing the Kitchen, Dining Hall and Infirmary buildings up to health department standards including new roofs and ramps for handicapped access.

And the bathhouse! With the generous help of our supporters, we successfully completed an entirely new 2,000 sq ft facility.  Your brick will help us maintain the bathhouse and continue to improve the Camps.

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