Fred Wells Tennis & Education Center Capital CampaignFred Wells Tennis & Education Center Capital Campaign

Since 2002, before Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, the Fred Wells Tennis & Education Center has been the social network of the local tennis community. “The Fort” as we lovingly call it, has been here for us as we’ve practiced, played, lived, loved and cared about tennis, the community and one another for over 15 years. And now The Fort needs our help, as our current domes have reached the end of their functional life and can no longer be repaired.

The Fort, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) entity, is not owned by the City of Minneapolis nor does it receive any funding from them. However, our land lease with the city makes us legally obligated to maintain our property and finance all mandatory facility upgrades. If we do not perform these upgrades, The Fort will not be allowed to renew its lease with the City of Minneapolis, potentially causing us to close our doors for good.

Thus, the Fred Wells Tennis & Education Center is launching a capital campaign to make The Fort an even better place to play. Our goals are bold as we need to raise $1.7 million to “FORTify Our Future” and continue serving our tennis family. Thus the Capital Campaign is vitally important to our future as we make the following improvements:
New air-supported structures (or "bubbles") in both the front and the back
• An additional tennis court, for a total of nine full-size courts meaning 5,400 hours of additional court time annually
• Air conditioning and improved energy efficiency inside the air-supported structures
• New LED lighting in both bubbles
• Upgraded parking facilities with 28 additional parking spaces, additional lighting and security cameras
• A new lighted walkway between the front and the back bubbles which will house additional storage for tennis equipment, a drinking fountain and the new Donor Recognition Walkway to honor all those who contribute to the Capital Campaign

We want everyone to be a lasting part of this Capital Campaign by purchasing a brick to help us “FORTify Our Future” so we can make the necessary upgrades to the facility and ensure the Fort is a state-of-the-art facility for decades to come. For as little as $100, you can be a part of a lasting legacy at The Fort as we redo our brick walkway leading into the facility.

Together, we will make The Fort an even better place for all who travel our walkways and pass through our doors. Please consider purchasing a brick today!

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Fred Wells Tennis & Education Center Capital CampaignFred Wells Tennis & Education Center Capital Campaign

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