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BODY, MIND & SPIRIT is what the YMCA has focused on for almost 200 years. Camp Twin Lakes has already built for the BODY by providing Cabins for rest and a Dining Hall for good food & fellowship. We have been providing for the MIND for many years with the Tango Tower, Team Building, Archery and other challenging activities.

Now it is time to dedicate a place where the SPIRIT can be nourished and relationships can be built.

The Amphitheater will be such a place.

Morning Chapel will provide campers with focus and inspiration. Evening Campfires will provide campers a time of bonding and reflection. Mid-day assemblies provide comradery and excitement. An Amphitheater is a place of gathering for Overnight Campers and Guest Groups to come together for the fun, for inspiration and for “Kumbaya moments”!

As part of our Amphitheater project, you are invited to become a permanent part of the walkway by purchasing a brick for your family, campers and friends. The brick sizes are 4 x 8 and 8 x 8 and cost $100 and $250 respectively.

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