Preserving A Legacy Parker Gray High School 1920-1950

Parker Gray High School
100th Year Anniversary
Memorial Walkway


100 years ago, in September of 1920, the legendary Parker-Gray School was built in the 900 block of Wythe Street to serve the African-American children of Alexandria, VA in grades one through eight.

It is notably observed that there are very few visible landmarks, structures, or documentation of events that reflect the valuable contributions of Alexandria’s African-American legacy. Parker Gray High School, one of Alexandria’s most important legacies has been overlooked for 100 years. We must now acknowledge and correct the absence and recognize the Parker Gray school’s namesake John F. Parker, principal (Snowden School for Boys) and Sarah A. Gray, principal (Hallowell School for Girls), principals Henry T. White (1920-1927), Wesley D. Elam (1927-1938) and William H. Pitts, Sr. (1938-1965).

This historical school provided a much-needed comprehensive education to the African-American students at a time when segregation and the lack of resources, teachers, and facilities threatened this critical, basic provision that is now understood as the right of every American child. The time for the historical legacy and impact of Parker-Gray school to be fully recognized and celebrated is long overdue.

Unfortunately, for many African Americans who reside in Alexandria, Virginia, our history is reflected in what we do not see, therefore we intend to honor and memorialize the achievements of African American History makers in Alexandria.

Please join us in keeping this legacy alive by purchasing a brick that will last for generations and be placed on the memorial walkway in front of the Charles Houston Recreation Center. The walkway will consist of the Parker Gray Bulldog mascot and engraved bricks to memorialize teachers, former students, individuals, families, churches and the greater community.

You can order a 4 x 8 brick with up to 3 lines of engraving and up to 18 characters per line.

You can order a 8 x 8 brick with up to 6 lines of engraving and up to 18 characters per line.

We cannot allow this treasured historical chapter of our impeccable history to be overlooked, under valued or forgotten. This history is ours to share, and pass on.

It is our goal to ensure that the triumphs of Parker-Gray school not only be recognized, but that this recognition continues in perpetuity.

(To support the photographic essay at the Charles Houston Recreation Center)

All donations are tax deductible and will be used to support Capital Youth Empowerment Program.

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We have completed phase I of our fundraiser. Any orders being bought after 10/01/2021, will be part of phase II, “spring installations”, there will be no ceremony for phase II.

Preserving A Legacy Parker Gray High School 1920-1950

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