Why You Should Be Using Engraved Brick Fundraising

June 23, 2016

So you’ve finally decided to organize that fundraiser, but now the burning question…just what kind of fundraiser do you want to host?

A successful one of course, but in order to make it successful it needs to make an impression.  And what better way to make a real impression than to give your donors something that’ll last much longer than candy sales or a 5k benefit run.  Engraved brick fundraising is sure to make your cause or organization really stand out.  However, you might be wondering what value this will bring to your fundraiser.  We have your answers below.

It’s Easy, And No Upfront Costs
One of the biggest challenges in having a successful fundraiser is making sure the upfront costs don’t overtake the amount raised.  Engraved brick fundraising will help you keep costs to a minimum, as you will only be paying for what you have sold.  With Bricks R Us, you’ll also get a variety of free services at your disposal, including a free internet donor portal to make donating that much easier.

Extra Motivation

Why You Should Be Using Engraved Brick Fundraising

People often don’t give out of purely altruistic motivations.  Sometimes they need to see something tangible for their good efforts.  An engraved brick project gives your donors something tangible, long-lasting, and usually highly public to see and feel good about.  An engraved brick fundraising project often makes an impression far past the time of donation, meaning that your cause can have an even longer lasting impact in your community.  Also, an engraved brick project really allows someone to feel like their donation is that much more personal, instead of something generic or anonymous.

Engraved brick fundraising gives you an opportunity that other types of fundraisers don’t and that is the ability to be ongoing.  Other kinds of fundraising are often a one-time deal, and depending on the season, may have some heavy competition from other fundraisers.  An engraved brick fundraiser gives you the option to do one project, but you also have the option to make it a continuous fundraiser with various phases.  And the good thing about it is the more people see other’s engraved bricks on your walk or wall, the more they’ll want to add their own name in your next phase.

We’re Here For You
Hopefully this short list has demonstrated what a great addition engraved bricks can make to your fundraising campaign.  We at Bricks R Us have been in the business for more than 27 years, making us one of the most established companies around.

If you want to know more about our services and pricing to find out if an engraved brick fundraiser is right for you, contact us today.

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