Why We Love Personalized Brick Pavers (And You Should Too!)

May 20, 2016

Non-profit organizations are continually trying to discover new ways to raise funding for their projects.  Coming up with new ideas to keep donors interested is always a struggle, isn’t it?  If your organization uses the same event or product again and again, eventually your potential donors will grow tired of the “same old, same old” and stop giving, leaving your organization in possible financial ruin.  Which is why we here at Bricks R Us love personalized brick pavers and we think you should too.

Personalized brick pavers are the perfect idea for your next fundraising event.  Not only are they sure to help you raise the necessary funds you so badly need, your donors and clients will also have a special way to show their support to your organization or institution that will last a lifetime.

Who Is Bricks R US?

Why We Love Personalized Brick Pavers

Bricks R Us is the oldest and largest brick engraving company in the United States.  For o more than 27 years, we’ve been helping organizations and institutions like yours raise the funds they so badly need.  Our years of experience mean that we have the knowledge and expertise you require so that your next fundraising event is a huge success.  We offer free services, unparalleled customer support, and the highest-quality products available.  And there are no hidden costs ever.  We’ll tell you the final price right up front so you can stay within your budget.

How Does It Work?

Bricks R Us will provide you with your choice of state-of-the-art engraved bricks or tiles with your donors’ names or message that you can proudly display wherever you like – as a courtyard or walkway in your office entry area, a specially designated area on your organization’s property, or even on a wall.  You can make your event even more special by letting your donors take a brick or tile home with them!  We provide duplicate bricks for a small additional charge.

If you don’t care for bricks or tiles, we can also engrave benches or any material you like.  Just ask us!  We will promptly give you the lowest price quote we can so you stay within your budget.

When you choose Bricks R Us, we’ll walk you through the whole process of organizing and ordering your customized engraved bricks at no charge to you.  We’ll provide you with all the marketing and community outreach materials, order forms, and shipping information you need.  We also offer a convenient online ordering system if you prefer.  Our sales representatives are dedicated to your success and are more than happy to get your organization set up so that you don’t have to do it all yourself.  Organizing a fundraising event is stressful enough.  Let us help you with a key part of it all so you can concentrate on other matters.

We want you and your donors to be absolutely delighted with Bricks R Us, which means that everything we produce for you comes with a lifetime guarantee.  If ever you are not happy with your product, call us right away and we’ll replace your order at no charge.

Let Us Show You the Future of Fundraising

Whether you are commemorating an important event or milestone, raising funds for a special project, or simply wanting to provide an unforgettable gift to your donors, let Bricks R Us help you with your next fundraising campaign.  Call us today to speak to one of our consultants and learn how brick pavers can help you achieve your budget goals.  We’ll show you how fundraising and the spirit of giving can be as solid as a brick!

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