There’s a lot of brick engraving companies out there – Why use Bricks R Us?

March 15, 2010

First and foremost, 0ur customer service!  We feel, and our customers know (read our testimonials) that our company strives to give you the best customer service of any other company; not just engraving companies.  We will walk you through your entire campaign until the time that you receive the bricks.  We provide you with the right tools – Getting Started Guide, Order Forms, Online Ordering System, Create a personalized Secure Donor Site for your donors to place their orders and more.  All of our additional services are free; we want your campaign to be a success.  Last but not least, quality.  Our bricks are engraved to last a lifetime and we guarantee the life of the bricks.

Our services extend beyond our engraving capabilities.  We’ve created consulting services to ensure the success of your campaign; offer marketing, public relations, order forms, mapping and tracking systems and an array of sales related services.

Fundraising is a serious business and we strive to make every customer’s experience one of the very best.

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