Why Engraved Bricks Make the Perfect Summer Camp Fundraiser

July 13, 2016

The best time to begin planning for your summer camp fundraiser is now, while students and parents are enjoying the many benefits of your camp.  While camps are seasonal, raising the needed funds can be a continuous effort.

Fortunately, summer camp fundraising options are readily available nowadays.  Engraved brick fundraising may be new to your team or organization, so at Bricks R Us we want to make sure you are comfortable and not feel like you are doing the fundraising alone.

The fact is that in general, people don’t always give towards a cause out of  purely altruistic motivations.  From time to time, they need to see or receive something tangible in return for their noble efforts.  With an engraved brick summer camp fundraiser project, you will be in a position to give your donors or supporters something long-lasting, tangible and highly visible for them to see and also feel great about.

The Brick Fundraising Concept

Bricks R Us offers everyone the opportunity of pitching in and helping to raise money for your summer camp project, whether it’s for an expansion of facilities, new equipment or more.  With a brick fundraiser, your team will not have to face any upfront costs and you can keep the fundraising campaign ongoing for many years to come.

Why Engraved Bricks Make the Perfect Summer Camp Fundraiser

Personalized engraved bricks can be installed on indoor corridors, walkways, vertical walls and plazas among other areas.  With Bricks R Us, you also get endless possibilities of customizing your summer camp fundraiser by picking from various brick sizes, colors, styles, and symbols. Campers and their parents will love seeing their names on your project, a lasting tribute to their fun and memorable times at your camp.

The Benefits of Using Bricks R Us

In addition to no upfront costs, a brick fundraiser with Bricks R Us also means you won’t be burdened with any leftover inventory.  The end result will be ample funds for your camp and an everlasting tribute to your supporters and donors.  And the best aspect of it all is that the more people see what you have achieved, the more they’ll also want to become part of your project.

Raising funds for your summer camp using engraved bricks with our support is an easy and excellent way of raising money.  This is why Bricks R Us maintains a 24 hour policy to ensure you get the best customer service available.  We are committed to making your summer camp fundraiser a total success. Contact us today to get started.

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