Why Bricks R Us Donor Gifts Are a Must

January 23, 2015

You’re leading a brick fundraiser and you want to show your donors your appreciation. No better way to do that than with Bricks R Us Donor Gifts!

We at Bricks R Us, your premier specialists in brick engraving and brick fundraising, have just the right solution and products for you.

How to Thank Your Donors

Why Bricks R Us Donor Gifts Are a Must

Leaders of fundraisers understand the importance and value of donors; without people giving donations, you wouldn’t have a fundraiser.  It’s important to recognize your donors and to express gratitude for their involvement in your cause.

We understand that and have several useful tools to help you in expressing your gratitude for their heartfelt contributions.  Donor bricks (or tiles) help raise additional money for your group and provide donors with keepsakes that connect them to your group.

These exact duplicate bricks (with felt backing) can be offered to donors at an additional price so that they can display them in their homes or offices.  The bricks are priced at the normal rate minus $1 per brick.  Smaller bricks, known as Souvenir Bricks, are also available.

Depending on your budget, you may opt to give your donors our donor certificates, which are laser-printed on heavy ivory paper and have an image of a red-colored brick with the donor’s inscription.

After all, thanking someone is an excellent way of recognizing someone’s charitable efforts.

Are you interested in donor bricks or certificates?  Come and visit our site, or contact us today.

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