Bricks R Us: Creating A Fundraising Revolution!

February 27, 2015

Revolutions start at home: You imagine establishing an organization or an effort to bring positive change to your community, to your country or even to the world.  It’s been done before.  So, why not now?  And why not here?

Dreams start young and small.  And we at Bricks R Us are here to help usher your dream into reality with a fundraising revolution!  We have the recipe to your success: Take your dreams, mix them with a little elbow grease and a large dose of chutzpah; stir in large quantities of know-how, bake for as long as it takes in a large kettle of persistence and determination, and serve.

At Bricks R Us, we have the know-how and the expertise to guide you through the fundraising process.  With our help and guidance, you decide what you want, and we produce the products and services that’ll fill the need.

Our Products

Bricks R Us: Creating A Fundraising Revolution!

We provide products to suit your particular tastes and to meet your objectives.  Our clay bricks come in many different styles and forms:

The “finished brick” is the most popular.  Other bricks include: “Belden brick” and the “concrete brick.” Finished bricks come in 13 different colors and concrete bricks come in 17 different colors.

There are four types of tiles:  “alfagres tiles”, “quarry tiles”, “marble tiles” and “granite tiles.”

We have six different types of engraved benches, which serve to memorialize special people, to dedicate a class or organization or to promote exceptional donations from corporations.

At Bricks R Us, we also engrave what’s called “arrays” over bricks.  Arrays are engraved lettering, symbols or displays over any amount of individual bricks.  Arrays can also serve as headers on bricks and tiles.

Souvenir bricks – miniature in size with felt backing – can be used to offer to donors at an additional cost for purposes of personal display.

Donor certificates are great ways to show your appreciation to donors.  The certificates are laser printed on heavy ivory paper and have images of red-colored bricks with the donor’s inscription.

At Bricks R Us, we design order forms and brochures for you to assist your potential donors in placing orders or making donations.  We also offer and option to create tri-fold brochures to help with your marketing campaign.  We can also work to implement your unique brochure design ideas.

For us to create your brochure, go into your Bricks R Us account within the Online Ordering System and complete the brochure questionnaire.  We will email you a pdf document of your brochure within seven business days.

Our Services

Bricks R Us Services

That’s an overview of our products.  Here is a summary of our services and our dedication to you:

  • Our customers are our top priority.  We plan to ensure you’re satisfied at every step in the process.
  • We are the only brick engravers who take online orders.
  • Bricks R Us was the first to provide donor sites.  We’re also the only engraving company to accept orders in any format.
  • We don’t have minimum orders on bricks or any other products we provide.  We’ll send you one or 20,000; you decide.
  • Access to our website and to our services is one of the keys to your success: Our Online Ordering System is available on iPhone and Android Apps.
  • Bricks R Us is the only engraving company in the industry that will engrave on any type of brick or tile.  If we don’t have it in stock, we’ll find it or use what you provide.
  • If you’re in a hurry, we’re in a hurry.  We provide rush delivery with no additional charges.
  • Comparative shopping?  Not a problem.  We’ll match any price in the business.  That’s another one of our commitments to you.

You – and your dream – are important to us.  We have a complete fundraising guide: Go to our contact tab and request our free “Getting Started Guide.” We can also send donor order forms.

Did you find this blog helpful?  Are you thinking of doing a brick fundraiser?  Let us know.  We’d love to hear from you and help you in any way.

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