Utilize Social Media to Market Your Fundraiser

October 27, 2014

As you probably realize, there are many facets to coordinating a fundraiser.   One of the more complex elements is learning how to market your fundraiser.  Thankfully, the widespread use and popularity of social media has helped lower the cost of marketing a fundraiser, even if it’s still rather complicated.

Utilize Social Media to Market Your Fundraiser

Better market your fundraiser and brick campaign with the power of social media.

Here are some ideas for marketing a fundraiser utilizing social media:


Many worthy nonprofit organizations will be holding fundraisers in your area around the same time as your event.  To help the public connect with your event, but also ensure that your marketing message doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, your fundraiser needs to be branded.

This means that if you’re holding a brick fundraiser, for example, you should come up with a catchy name and have the artwork designed that conveys your theme, possibly a brick engraved with your organization’s logo.  Remember that any logos or artwork created need to be formatted for both traditional and digital applications.

Facebook and Friends

Even if your nonprofit is well represented in the world of social media, it’s still a good idea to create new social media pages when marketing a fundraiser.  The public will want updates quickly and won’t want to dig through other information on your organization’s main Facebook page.  Give the public what they want – separate social media pages on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and your other favorite social media platforms.

If possible, your Marketing Committee members should try to post updates or pictures to each of the social media platforms every day.   Your supporters won’t expect exciting information every day, but they will notice if your pages get stale.  Consider posting pictures of volunteers at work (with permission), count down of days to the event and board member spotlight.

Enlist Your Volunteers

As you probably know, the power of social media is in the interaction and sharing.  Remind your supporters to help spread the word on social media by looking at social media regularly and commenting, tagging, sharing and liking (where appropriate) so that all of their friends and contacts become aware of your fundraiser.  Remember to send a list of all your social media platforms to your volunteers, board members, staff and supporters so they can start “liking” their way to marketing success!

If you have questions about marketing a fundraiser for your organization, or want to hold a brick fundraising campaign, contact Bricks R Us today!

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