Social Media and Fundraising: How Does It Help Your Brick Campaign?

December 31, 2014

Brick fundraising has been around for a while, but social media and online ordering has made it even easier for organizations to raise money and reach people beyond their mailing lists.  At Bricks R Us, we know what it takes to run a successful brick fundraising campaign.  Social media and fundraising can go hand-in-hand to create a successful campaign.  Here are the steps we recommend to raise funds using social media.

Step 1: Create Your Fundraising Plan

As with any fundraiser, it is essential to have a plan.  What is your message?  What are your goals?  What is the time period of the campaign?  How much of a budget do you have to work with?  Who is your target audience?  Once all of these questions have been answered, you’re ready to prep your social media channels and content.

Step 2: Build Your Social Media Community

Social Media and Fundraising: How Does It Help Your Brick Campaign?

It’s time to grow your social media channels – Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, etc.  While you may already have a strong following on these networks, there are always more people you can connect with.  Start following users on channels like Twitter who are a part of your target audience.  Engage with them and thank them for following your company back.  Show them why your organization is unique.  Prep your social media channels and foster your online community before you share the news about your brick fundraiser.  This way, you’ll reach more people.

Step 3: Prepare Fundraising Content.

Your next step is to decide how you would like to distribute your message.  Your audience will want to know what you stand for and how their money will be utilized.  To best answer their questions, think about creating a newsletter or blog post(s) jam-packed with helpful information.  For image-based networks like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, compile photos of your organization; then determine how many times you will share this information.  It’s best to have social media posts planned out and content ready-to-go before the launch of your campaign.

Step 4: Advertise on Social Media

When your launch date arrives, you should have a community built and content all set.  All that’s left is implementation.  Publish those blog articles and share them on the networks you’ve chosen to use.  If you decided to create a newsletter, now is the time to send it.  If your newsletter platform allows you to share to social media, take advantage of that option.  Don’t forget to continue interacting with social media users throughout the process.  Keep them interested in your message!

Step 5: Order Online From Bricks R Us

Purchasing bricks is easy with Bricks R Us.  Input your orders online as you sell your bricks with our online ordering system; then submit the order whenever you’re ready.  We also offer fundraising tools for our customers, including custom donor order forms and a personalized online ordering webpage for those who are interested.

Social media is just one of many methods you can use to jump-start your brick campaign.  Couple it with your offline efforts, and watch out!  Are you ready to start a brick fundraising campaign?  Let Bricks R Us show you the ropes.  Contact us with your questions, request a free brick sample, or browse our website.

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