Use Bricks R Us To Fundraise

October 1, 2020

There are a great many ways to conduct a fundraising campaign, and obviously some are more successful than others.  The campaigns which are the most successful often include some way to express appreciation or gratitude to contributors for their donations, because in addition to helping out a worthy cause, donors receive back something tangible right away.

That’s one of the reasons you should consider running a fundraiser with Bricks R Us, a company which is the largest of its kind in this country.  We provide memorial bricks which bear the donor’s name, so that their contribution can be remembered through the years, and that is a powerful incentive for donors to become involved.  Here’s how you can organize and conduct your own fundraiser, collaborating with Bricks R Us so as to achieve your best results ever.

Do some serious planning 

All fundraising campaigns require serious planning, if they are to achieve any level of success.  Specifically, you will need to consider which individuals will be needed to help conduct the campaign, and exactly what your approach will be.  You’ll need to develop a campaign goal, a strong message and appeal to donors, the kind of tactics which will be used, and of course a timeline for the campaign.  It’s a good idea to form a leadership committee which includes some of your strongest supporters, and these committee personnel should be charged with responsibility of soliciting the support of local organizations and businesses to help ensure success.

Consider the look of your bricks

It will be important to decide on how you want your memorial bricks to look, because you’ll want maximum appeal to encourage donations.  When you have decided on how the bricks should be formatted, it would be a good idea to prepare some brochures so that the maximum number of people can be reached.  You may want to offer different sized bricks in accordance with different contribution levels.  For instance, a 4×8 brick might be offered at a $50 donation level, and an 8×8 brick might be awarded to donors contributing $100 or more.

Organize your ground-level volunteers

One of the best ways of attracting a large number of volunteers to your cause is to make sure they’re all working toward a truly worthy cause.  People are always willing to become involved when they know their efforts are supporting something really worthwhile.  It’s also a good idea to make the whole campaign as much fun as possible for your volunteers, so it doesn’t seem so much like work, and can become a bit more like play.  As an example, you might have groups of volunteers competing against each other to achieve the highest volume of donations.

Establish an end date

Your fundraising campaign should not go on indefinitely, because most people are procrastinators, and they’ll continue to defer their donation to some later date.  When you establish a firm end date for your campaign, that will motivate contributors to get their donations in, so they can be rewarded with their memorial brick.  Make sure all potential donors are aware of the end date of your campaign, so there’s a sense of urgency in making a contribution.

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