Top Three Ways to Fundraise for a Neighborhood Playground

September 24, 2015

Top Three Ways to Fundraise for a Neighborhood Playground

The neighborhood playground is often the heart of the community.  It is where families spend quality time together, and where many childhood memories are built.  In many cases, playgrounds have an important significance to the families that have lived and raised their children in that neighborhood for generations.

Playgrounds also add value to a neighborhood by helping increase property values, thereby benefiting not just home owners with children, but everyone in the neighborhood.  Because of this, many communities have come together in search of ways to fund a neighborhood playground.  Having helped many communities raise funds for various projects, we at Bricks R Us have put together a list of the top three ways to fundraise for a neighborhood playground.

Start a Brick Fundraiser

Top Three Ways to Fundraise for a Neighborhood Playground

Brick fundraisers are a perfect way to raise funds for a neighborhood playground.  They not only help bring together the community, but they also make a tangible contribution to the project.  For example, with a Bricks R Us fundraiser, the bricks can be engraved with the names of the people who donated toward the playground, and those bricks can then be used to create a mural in front of the playground.  In addition to this, an engraved bench would help raise funds, accent the beauty of the playground and provide the perfect place for parents to gather around while their children are playing.

Try a Crowdfunding Site

We’ve seen it happen many times, where people post to websites like GoFundMe or Indiegogo and raise thousands of dollars toward their projects.  While many crowdfunding projects have gone viral, it is important to understand that where one project raises millions of dollars, others are unable to meet their goal.  Because of this, if you plan on using a crowdfunding website, make sure that your content is engaging, eye-catching and that it fully explains your reasoning for the project and the need to raise funds.  Include images of the location where the playground will be built, and sample drawings of what it should look like afterward to help people visualize how their funds will be used.

Request Private Donations

There are many people that devote substantial funds to community enrichment initiatives.  Many of them are well known throughout the nation for their charitable philanthropy; and many more have a dedicated website where you can submit a project idea for funding consideration.  The best way to try and catch their attention is to put together a well-thought-out proposal which details why you think the playground is needed in your neighborhood, and the different ways it would benefit the community.  If you see that there are many potential donors around your neighborhood, you could invite them to a fundraising party, where you would charge a fixed entry fee at the door that will go toward the needed funds.

Whether you’ve already decided to build a playground for your neighborhood, or you’re still discussing the possibility with your community, it is important to understand the different ways that you can raise funds for your project.  We hope this article helps you find the best way to fundraise for a neighborhood playground.  If you have any questions, or would like more information on starting a brick fundraiser, feel free to contact us!

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