Top 5 Reasons why you Should Choose Brick Engraving for Your Fundraising Campaign

August 15, 2018

There are as many ways to raise funds for a worthy cause as there are stone blocks in an Egyptian pyramid, but one of the ways that many contributors find the most fascinating and appealing is to have a brick engraved with their name on it.  These bricks then are often built into a local walkway in a prominent area like a park, or even a free-standing wall, so that others can admire the structure itself, and appreciate the contribution made by donors.  Here are some good reasons why you should consider the Brick Engraving company to help manage your next fundraising campaign.

We help you sell the bricks 

We don’t just engrave the bricks after you’ve done all the sales work – we provide free services that will help you sell the bricks and reach your fundraising goals.  Since we have been involved in many such fundraisers, for both non-profit organizations as well as for-profits, we understand the appeal this kind of initiative has, and that makes us ideally suited to convey the excitement of seeing your own name on a brick of permanence, in public for all to see.

Two proven engraving methods 

There are two primary methods used for engraving fundraiser bricks, sand-blasting and the laser method, and we use both of them.  Because we do make use of both engraving methods, we are able to create many intricate designs and images other than simple text, if that is something that would prove useful in your campaign.  With our sophisticated techniques, you would be able to have logos, clip art, and other customized images engraved into donor bricks.

Our brick ordering system

Our company was directly responsible for creating Donor Sites and the Online Ordering System for facilitating the donation process.  When we started this business, competitors only cared about selling engraved bricks but Bricks R Us realized we needed to help our customers which is why we created all of the services we offer (and the services that other companies have copied).  This is another way that we go the extra mile to help your fundraising campaign be successful.  When the donation process itself is made very simple and easy, there is a greater likelihood that more people will become involved, and want to participate in the campaign.

Experience and knowledge in the field 

With nearly three decades of experience in the fundraising industry, Brick Engraving has the expertise and the knowledge to help make your campaign the most successful one you’ve ever attempted.  We are so confident in our products and services, that we stand by them 100% and offer a lifetime guarantee on everything we sell.  Your donors will be completely satisfied with the purchase of their own personal bricks, and that will reflect very well on your organization.

Most affordable pricing 

We don’t just say we have the best pricing around – we back it up with a guarantee.  We promise to charge the lowest price for brick engraving of any of our competitors, and if you should ever find a lower price, we’ll match it and go lower.  The professionals at Brick Engraving are fully committed to providing the best products, the best service, and the best prices of any company in the business – and we are prepared to back that up completely.

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