How To Fundraise For Your Local Library

May 15, 2015

Do you enjoy reading books?  Would you like to fundraise for your local library?  The age of digital technology is upon us and local libraries everywhere need your help.  Keeping their shelves filled with books can be challenging with the growing use of online technology.  Libraries need help with funding for books, programming and expenses as well the latest technology.  Today’s libraries have come into the digital age with us and most libraries have computers for public use and electronic scanning for inventory purposes.

Bricks R Us believes in supporting local libraries and we want to help them keep their shelves filled with books and support their technologies.  Our engraved brick fundraisers are a great way to help raise much needed funding.  Engraved bricks are a great way to raise awareness and create an everlasting tribute for donors.  Best of all, there are no upfront costs to get started and you can order a free sample brick from us today.

Here Are Some Library Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Goals

Fundraising ideas for libraries can range from asking for small donations to cover books to hosting fundraising parties and asking for large donations to cover expansion.  If you are fundraising for a library, make sure to let your donors know specifically what their donations will be used towards.  Talking to donors about a specific goal such as a new book scanner is a much more obtainable goal then talking about overall needed funds for various projects.

If you need general funding, you should have a wish list of items or projects to be completed.  This way you can talk to donors about any one of the projects that is on your wish list.

Fundraise For Your Local Library

Create a Campaign

When you fundraise for a library the more creative you can be with a campaign, the better.  Think outside the box and come up with a fun campaign to share the library’s goal with donors.  For example, if you are fundraising for a new computer system, your campaign can be something like “Help Us Improve Our Technology.” Then explain to donors, the library’s goal is to purchase 10 new computers and printers.

Thanking Your Donors

Make sure to always thank all of your donors.  Every donor should always be thanked for their contribution no matter how big or small it is.  Thanking donors who contribute smaller amounts can be as simple as giving them a bookmark.  While thanking donors who contribute larger donations should be acknowledged with a card and a mention in a newsletter or with a posted list somewhere in the library.

Did you find this article useful?  We would love to hear from you.  Contact us with any questions about starting a brick fundraiser for your library today!  We are here to help you.

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