Three Great LGBT Fundraising Ideas

July 28, 2016

Fundraising is a fun and easy way to support your favorite charity or organization such as the LGBT community.  Finding perfect LGBT fundraising ideas can sometimes be a hassle, especially if you are trying to include everybody and not only the LGBT community.

Here are three fun LGBT fundraising ideas that are sure to drum up support for your cause.

Sell Raffle Tickets

Offering something in exchange for a donation says thanks for your support.  Though some ticket holders might not win a prize, it is a simple way to get people interested and willing to donate to the cause.

Donations for prizes can be requested from a variety of sources such as restaurant vouchers, or store donations like gift cards and gift baskets.  The bigger and more valuable the donated items – like professional sports game tickets, weekend getaways, a used car – the more money you are likely to raise.

Engraved Bricks Fundraising

Another option is engraved bricks fundraising, which is an activity which raises funds while building something useful and creates long-lasting memories or dedications.

Three Great LGBT Fundraising Ideas

Engraved brick fundraising is a great way to raise money for social groups like LGBT centers.  The fundraising group simply has to ask supporters to sponsor their organization by purchasing a brick to help raise funds.  The brick can be engraved with the name of the sponsor or it can be a dedication.  The engraving can be done on concrete or clay bricks, tile products and benches.  Charitable organizations can use these engraved bricks to create a new sidewalk, patio area, indoor corridors or even a wall while raising funds for their group.  With bricks starting at just $19, organizations can charge well above that – say $50 to $100 – to set their profit goals.

Bricks R Us, an engraved brick company with more than 27 years of industry experience is an excellent choice for your engraved brick fundraiser.  Offering a great selection of brick and tile styles, this type of fundraising project requires no upfront costs.  Donor bricks are also available to purchase by sponsors as a keepsake of their contribution.

Black Tie Event

Get fancy and hold a gala!  Who doesn’t like a nice night out to eat, drink and be merry?  It can be a nicely themed event held at your venue or elsewhere and you can seek sponsors to provide food and decorations.  Tickets can be purchased online, which would save on printing costs.  Volunteers can have various responsibilities to make the night a success.

Solicit patrons to make a donation in an amount you feel would help your organization.  The best thing about this option is everyone can have a great time while raising money for your cause.

Start Your Fundraiser

Whether you want to do something simple like raffle tickets, or long lasting and memorable like engraved bricks or even participate in an elegant event, the primary objective is to raise funds for your cause.

At Bricks R Us we have the resources and the tools to help assist you every step of the way of your campaign.  Our consulting services will guide you through marketing, ordering, public relations and more.  If you are in search of unique LGBT fundraising ideas, please contact us for further details.

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