30th Anniversary

This year marks another milestone for Bricks R Us.  2019 is our 30th year!

Our History | How did we get here?

When Bricks R Us first entered the engraved bricks market, we noticed that our competitors only sold engraved bricks but didn’t help with the campaign itself.

We are the company that brought our services such as Donor Sites, Online Ordering System, Order Form Templates, Brochures, Videos and many other services to help our customers sell bricks.  Today many companies have copied some of those services but there’s nothing better than the original; we constantly update all of our services to make sure your organization has a successful campaign.  We’ll even spend time on a webinar to teach all of your staff to go in the right direction and give you our 30 years of experience.  It’s nice to have customers but it’s nicer to have customers that have made thousands of dollars using our systems.

In the beginning, we would celebrate orders of 50 to 100 bricks and now we celebrate orders of 500 to 1000’s of bricks.  Not only do we feel that any order is a good order, we’ll treat you the same whether you order one brick or thousands.  We would only engrave using the sandblasting method and as we grew, we added laser machines, automation and only the best machines that produce the final product.  To this day, we are one of the largest brick engraving companies in the country and we are the only company that does both sandblasting and laser (sandblasting is still the most popular) methods.  We have learned a lot as the years continued as we do our best to pass those lessons to our customers.

We started in a small trailer carrying the bricks one by one to be engraved.  Our four employees worked hard to get orders out – it’s much easier today with our 18 employees having the ability to automatically upload and engrave our bricks.

When companies grow, many lose the customer service that helped them expand and their products are usually not the same.  We have made sure to keep our customer service and products the same as we initially started but we have also made them better and made sure to grow using our experience.

Our lifetime guarantee on our bricks gives our customers assurance they don’t have to worry about the engraving and now that we are 30 years old, we’re able to show that we are around long enough should your organization have any problems.  We strive to have the best pricing which is why we have a price match guarantee and in the year 2019, you will save an additional 30 cents per brick (cannot be combined with any other discount) as our way of saying thank you for making us one of the best!

This is why we are “more than just your brick engraving company!”

WE SUCCEED WHEN YOU SUCCEED! When we started this business, brick engraving companies only sold engraved bricks without services.  We knew that in order to be successful, our customers had to be successful which is why we were the company that created Donor Sites, Online Ordering Systems, provided Order Forms and other services that helped our customers maximize their sales.

Read below to learn how we have been able to help customers successfully fund raise with engraved bricks for more than 29 years!

  • We uphold the highest expectation of customer service and strive to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.  We always answer our phones with a smiling, friendly voice eager to help you with all your brick fundraising needs.
  • We are the only company that engraves on any brick material with our two types of engraving systems: laser and sandblasted.
  • Bricks R Us can do it all!  We are the only brick engraving company with an Online Ordering System that allows you to enter your inscriptions, see all of your current and past orders, print donor reports, capture donor site credit card information, and send thank-you and verification letters.
  • We were the first brick engraving company to offer user-friendly Donor Sites. Other companies have since tried to copy us, but Bricks R Us is still the only brick engraving company that modifies the donor site to your specifications, captures all of the information and sends it to the Online Ordering System.  We do it all on a secure server.
  • We are the only brick engraving company that will accept your order by any means.  Use our online ordering system with the integrated Online Brick Creator or send us your designs by mail.  We will always send you a proof sheet before we place any order.
  • We have no limits!  We will engrave as many bricks and tiles as you need; whether it be one brick or 20,000+ bricks, we can do it all.
  • We want to make sure our customers can access our website from anywhere and on any device, so we are the only brick engraving company to offer an iPhone and Android App.
  • Part of organizing a successful brick fundraiser is to have the right tools.  To help, we can instantly download Order Form Templates and have us create a Tri-Fold Brochure.
  • We understand that getting donors involved is not an easy task which is why we launched a new initiative to help increase awareness and make your fundraiser a success!  We will promote your Donor Site through our various social media channels using a program we call Share Your Cause.
  • We are the only engraving company that engraves on any brick or tile. If we don’t have it already, we will either find it or use material you provide yourself.
  • Rush fee?  What’s that?  Bricks R Us will never charge you a rush fee for any order.  We will always make sure your order is correct and on your doorstep when you need it.
  • We will price match any other brick engraving company to assure you that Bricks R Us always provides the best product at the lowest prices.
  • Lastly, we genuinely care about our customers and want to make sure they will always be happy with the customer service and quality Bricks R Us provides!

Thank you to all of our customers!  Bricks R Us looks forward to continuing to support our lifetime guarantee on all past and future orders.

If you are looking for a way to raise money for your next cause, call us at 888-MY-BRICK for more details and to start your fundraiser today!

Give us a call 888-MY-BRICK or fill out our contact form to get started.

We look forward to working with you!

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