The Profitability of Organizing a Brick Fundraiser

August 12, 2014

You probably have had someone on your fundraising committee who’s a natural-born pessimist.  This person has never seen a glass “half-full” in his life, and whenever you meet to discuss organizing a brick fundraiser, this guy or gal gives a million reasons why it won’t work.

The Profitability of Organizing a Brick Fundraiser

Brick fundraisers are a profitable means of raising funds for your non-profit or cause.

You know what?  He’s wrong.  Fundraisers – especially brick fundraisers – can easily be successful and profitable.  Here’s how:


It’s best to get the word out ahead of time so that donors are ready (and interested) when they’re approached by your volunteers.  Donors don’t like to be taken by surprise, even if they’re your best supporters!  You want to communicate to the group how the fundraiser will work, what it will support and how the money will be used.  You can easily get the word out to your supporters via:

  • Your newsletter, e-newsletter or church bulletin
  • Direct mail letter, postcard or e-mail blast
  • A pep rally, a PTA meeting or from the pulpit
  • Your website, Facebook page or Twitter feed
  • Auto-dialing message or text messages

Your board and volunteers should already be aware of this project, but if possible, all of the following groups should be notified as well:

  • Donors, former donors, supporters and friends
  • Members of your congregation
  • Students, parents, grandparents, alumni and sports fans
  • Employees and former employees
  • Vendors
  • Partner organizations

It Takes Money to Make Money

Many nonprofits are guilty of being afraid to part with a single dollar for fundraising expenses, even if they’re guaranteed to make 10 dollars in return.  It’s the nature of charitable organizations to want to put every penny toward programmatic needs.  However, we all know that it takes money to make money.  You can’t build a fundraising program without putting a bit of cash into it.

Thankfully, with engraved bricks from Bricks R Us, your initial outlay is low, plus you can turn quite a bit of profit.  For example, many organizations choose to sell the original size brick for $100, which gives them a profit of over $80 per brick!  If your organizations sells 200 bricks, you’ll make over $16,000 in profit, while 500 bricks would generate over $40,000 in profit!

Benefits of a Brick Fundraiser

Brick fundraisers are a convenient and enjoyable way to help your organization raise funds and spread the word about your cause.

  • It’s an easy “sell” as people want to participate.
  • It’s a convenient way to approach lapsed donors and former members, possibly even renewing their relationship with the organization.
  • It’s a great way to engage new members or friends in your mission.

Bricks R Us

A brick fundraiser with Bricks R Us means no up front costs, simple online ordering and no leftover inventory after your campaign is finished.

If you have any more questions about the profitability of a brick fundraiser, or engraving brick pavers, contact us today!

Image Source: Bricks R Us via Facebook

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