Customer Testimonials from Bricks R Us – Part 2

September 26, 2014

For over 25 years, Bricks R Us has been selling engraved bricks and tiles to different organizations across the nation.  We take pride not only in our quality engraved brick pavers, but also our unmatched customer service and support of our local community.  Our customer testimonials help highlight our success in the industry.  Through the BRU Foundation, our Bricks R Us team has also helped remove many obstacles for families with children that can’t pay their utilities or rent when times are tough.

Customer Testimonials from Bricks R Us - Part 2

Praise continues to be heaped on Bricks R Us for our various services and consultations.

Additionally, Bricks R Us’ excellent customer service allows customers to submit their orders in many different methods via phone, fax, email, online, U.S.  mail, or smartphone app.  Engraved bricks and tiles from Bricks R Us are now being featured in fundraising projects and donor walls all over the United States.  Here is just a small sample of the many customer testimonials Bricks R Us has received in recent years:

  • “Bricks R Us is one of the friendliest and most prompt companies that we have worked with.  We have ordered from them for over 6 years now and have not had one problem with them.  Our orders are correct and we receive them quickly and exactly when we are told we will receive them.  The products are of great quality.  I would highly recommend them.”

Casteel Memorial Park (West Virginia) 

Susan (Massachusetts)

  • “The Bricks R Us people have been very helpful to me.  No question seems insignificant to them; and…I asked a lot.  I am glad we found each other.”

Bennie (Florida)

  • “Bricks R Us did a wonderful job throughout our fundraising campaign!  The customer service was extraordinary.  The services that you provided were comprehensive, from info for running a successful fundraiser, templates for orders, website.  After extensive research on brick fundraising, I chose Bricks R bricks, and I am very happy that I did.  The customer support was first rate.  The bricks are very high quality, and our project came out beautifully!  I highly recommend Bricks R Us.”

The Gregory Elementary School (New Jersey)

  • “Our experience with Bricks R Us was wonderful…we look forward to continuing our relationship with this company.”

Kathy (New Hampshire)

  • “Bricks R Us makes it so easy.  My customer service representative was wonderful.”

Pat (South Carolina)

Please speak with a representative today if you have any questions about starting a brick fundraiser or honoring your best supporters with a donor recognition wall.  At Bricks R Us, we look forward to helping you with your engraved brick fundraiser.

Image Source: Bricks R Us

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