The Many Reasons to Start a Brick Fundraiser in 2015

January 6, 2015

The New Year brings opportunities to come up with fresh ideas and projects for all organizations.  At Bricks R Us, we think that one of those projects should be a fundraising campaign.  We understand that you have many fundraising methods to choose from, but we believe that brick fundraising is the way to jump-start your funding.  Here’s why you should start a brick fundraiser in 2015!

Raise Funds with Bricks

The Many Reasons to Start a Brick Fundraiser in 2015

Brick fundraising is proven to work for many types of organizations, including hospitals, churches, non-profit organizations and more.  They work great for booster clubs and alumni associations within high schools and universities looking to raise money for sports, arts and academic programs.  Bricks are an easy sell because they are permanent and tangible.  Brick fundraising is simple and achievable way to raise money for your cause.

Donor Recognition

It is always important to thank your donors.  By showing them the proper attention and appreciation, you will earn their trust and keep them coming back year after year.  With some types of fundraisers, it is hard to show value and recognition.  Donors may get a thank you card in the mail or a shout out at an event, but is that enough?  With brick fundraising, donors’ names are engraved in bricks and tiles.  It’s a way to permanently give recognition to your donors that will last through many generations.

The Aesthetic Appeal of Engraving

Whether you choose build a wall of bricks or tiles, or to engrave pavers and benches, you will be adding a visually appealing element to building.  They are classic and symbolic.  The area you choose to showcase bricks will hold special meaning.  Each engraved item represents an individual or group who supports your mission and is important to your organization.

Fundraising Made Easy

We make ordering simple at Bricks R Us.  Our website allows you to place orders online at your convenience and pace.  When you are ready, submit your order in batches, or all at once.  Bricks R Us is available to help you create a fundraising plan.  We encourage our customers to utilize our custom donor order forms and create a personalized online ordering webpage.  Our company is here to help you make fundraising as easy as possible!

From all of us at Bricks R Us, we wish you a happy New Year!  If you ever have questions about starting a brick fundraising campaign, reach out to us!  We’re always available to offer our assistance and advice.

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