The Do’s and Don’ts of Brick Campaign Fundraising

May 27, 2016

Everyone knows that brick campaign fundraising projects can be very successful for those who want to raise funds for a specific cause or need.  Schools, colleges, churches, veteran groups, non-profit organizations and more have all found success with brick campaign fundraising.

Engraved bricks create a lasting memorial for everyone involved in the project, which is why this type of fundraiser is so popular.  But there are many things that go into a successful project.  Consider these do’s and don’ts of brick campaign fundraising.

1.  Do Plan Your Brick Fundraiser

Your donors are going to want to know where you are planning to place the engraved brick project and what it will be.  Is it going to be a wall, a courtyard or brick walkway?  Is the location accessible to all?

2.  Don’t Commit To Upfront Costs

Why commit to upfront costs when you don’t’ have to?  That’s money you would have to pay before your fundraising project has even begun.  Work with a company like Bricks R US, a brick engraving company that has more than 27 years of experience and does not require upfront costs.

3.  Do Coordinate With Other Organizations or Check Your Group’s Calendar

It might not be a bad idea to coordinate with other organizations in your area.  This way your brick campaign fundraising won’t conflict with other fundraising efforts.  At the same time, you should check your own group’s calendar to determine when your donors are available and willing to donate.

4.  Don’t Hold Your Fundraiser During the Busy Season

It might be tempting to hold a fundraiser during the Christmas season or on the 4th of July, but unless your fundraiser is specifically themed, you may lose out.  This also holds true during months that similar organizations are holding fundraisers.

5.  Do Solicit Ideas From Your Members and Volunteers For Fundraiser

The Do’s and Don’ts of Brick Campaign Fundraising

Getting input from the members of your organization will be a key factor in how successful your brick campaign fundraising will be once it’s launched.  Volunteers can also be helpful in suggesting ways to promote the engraved bricks to their contacts.

6.  Don’t Put Limits On Your Project

You may need to start off small, but think big when it comes to planning the size and scope of your project.  If you’re starting with a small engraved brick courtyard, for example, be sure your location allows for future expansion of the project or additional phases.  This could be the start of something big for your organization and community.

7.  Do Understand What Your Organization is Capable of Doing as a Fundraiser

Very small organizations will probably need the support and partnership of other organizations around the area to make a successful brick fundraiser.  Don’t try to do this all by yourself.  Bricks R Us offers support every step of the way, from creating a donor website for your project, to providing order forms and marketing materials.

8.  Don’t Forget To Promote Your Fundraiser

You will need to strategize on how to promote this type of fundraiser to your community.  Engraved bricks make a nice addition to your community and showcase your community to the world.  Bricks R Us can help you promote your project and our blog and newsletter are filled with tips to help you.

If you’re ready to get started on an engraved brick campaign fundraising project, contact us today!

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