Taking your Brick Fundraiser to the Next Level

September 30, 2016

Campaign Brochures

We understand that raising money for your Brick Fundraiser can sometimes be intimidating but we got you covered.  A great way to not only inform everyone about your cause but also your campaign is through our brochures!  We have more than 25 years worth of experience helping other fundraisers helping them build incredible and successful campaigns.  This doesn’t just include a bit of advice as we love to bring in our years of experience in helping with the marketing efforts of your campaign!

We feel part of your campaigns from the start and this is why Bricks R Us would be happy to help you out by providing order forms and free trifold brick fundraising brochures.  Maybe you have a specific type of brochure in mind you would like?  No problem, we do our best to accommodate you to have one that fits in a way that you would like.

brochure sam houston

Want to order just a single Brick to see how a future campaign line of bricks might look?  Head on over to our Single Order page and get one delivered straight to your home or office!


Testimonial Bricks R Us


As always our missions is to make the process of starting a fundraiser with personalized bricks as easy and simple as possible.  We help plan successful brick campaigns all the time and would love to help you plan a one of the kind fundraiser.  Feel free to reach out to us directly at 888-MY-BRICKS.


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