Showcase Your Brick Project With A Picture!

June 5, 2015

What do you do once your Bricks R Us fundraising project is complete?  Make sure you take some photos of it, of course!  You can showcase your brick project with the pictures by placing them on your website, in a newsletter or post the pictures around your office.  You should be proud of your fundraising accomplishment and your donors will love seeing the completed project.

Here at Bricks R Us, there’s only one thing we love more than helping our clients fundraise, it’s being able to view the pictures of the completed projects.  We have created a list of tips to help you take the best pictures possible to showcase your project.

Tips for Taking Pictures

Avoid the Sun

Most people think taking photos on a sunny day is great.  The truth is afternoon sun has harsh light and casts shadows onto objects, which can make for an unflattering photo.  The best thing to do is take your picture in the early morning or at sunset.  Try to avoid the sun from hitting your camera lens directly.  If this is happening, change your angle.

Showcase Your Brick Project With A Picture!

Always Use Flash

When photographing outdoors, even if you are taking a photo in sunlight, use your flash.  This will give your image a bit of filler light in any showdown areas.  Your camera should have a regular flash mode and a filler flash mode.  Since you are more than likely taking a photo of a large project, its best to use full flash.

Get Closer

When taking a photo of your project, don’t be afraid to get a little closer.  You want to try to frame the project with the edges of your camera without cutting off the ends of your camera.  In addition to getting the entire project in the photo, you can take some close ups of blocks of bricks or individual bricks.


Be sure to check that your project is in focus.  Most digital cameras have a focus lock setting which will allow you to keep your subject in focus while you are taking the picture.

Look Out for Objects

One of the most important things to keep an eye out for is anything that blocks your project.  Is there a tree or a bush in the middle of your project?  All you need to do is change angles to get the tree off to the side of your photo.  Make sure the project area is clean and free from any debris such as leaves or trash.

Keeping all of these things in mind should allow you to take some great photos of your project.  Once you have taken them, don’t forget to share them with us!  We would love to showcase your project on our website.  Bricks R Us cares about your organization and helping you make your fundraising efforts successful.  If you haven’t started your brick fundraiser yet, contact us today to get it started.


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