Sports Fundraiser: Sweat for a Good Cause

August 4, 2014

Nonprofit organizations are always searching for new and inventive fundraising ideas to engage current and prospective donors.  Many groups use sporting events, like golf tournaments and 5K runs, to raise money, as well as to connect with the public. If you’re considering organizing a sports fundraiser, here is some information on organizing an event around sports and athletics.

Sports Fundraiser: Sweat for a Good Cause

Popular sports like basketball can be easily leveraged into a fun fundraising event.

You’re probably familiar with a few common sports fundraisers.  However, the list is really only limited by your imagination.  Here are just a few healthy activities you can enjoy with donors:

  • Golf
  • Miniature Golf
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Handball
  • Racquetball
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Bowling
  • Walking/Walkathon
  • 5K/10K
  • Cycling
  • Triathlon
  • Ultimate Frisbee

There can also be a number of variations on (nearly) every sport by combining the teams or pairings.  These include:

  • Singles, doubles or mixed doubles.
  • Two-somes or four-somes.
  • Adults only, children only, seniors only, adult and child mixed teams, etc.
  • Father-son teams, grandparent and grandchild teams, mother-daughter teams, etc.

Organizing the Event

In events like a golf tournament, participants pay for the opportunity to play.  On top of standard green fees, the registration fee should include a built-in tax-deductible donation to the organization.  When discussing the fee, let players and corporations know the the extra price goes:

  • In support of the organization.
  • For access to a top-notch, private (or extremely private) golf club.
  • To network with city leaders, local celebrities and/or sports stars (PR).

Tennis, handball and racquetball tournaments can also follow this pattern, especially if they are held in high-brow private clubs or advertise celebrity participants.

Participants in tournaments for basketball, volleyball, bowling and miniature golf can also “pay to play,” but in these less auspicious locations, a registration fee is usually much lower since the overhead is low or breaks even.  Players usually participate for the enjoyment of the sport and support the organization as an afterthought.

Distance sports fundraisers often involve a pledging element.  Participants might ask friends and family to “sponsor” them when they participate in a walkathon, cycling event, 5K/10K, 2-day walk or swimming event.  These individuals not only participate, but they also raise money for the cause.

Thanking Participants

Part of organizing a fundraiser is properly wrapping up the event.  This means thanking the folks who have done so much to make the event a success.  This can take many forms, including:

  • ‘Thank You’ emails to all sports participants, including the amount of money raised and how that money will be used.
  • Thank you/tax letter to all sponsors and donors, including the impact from their donation.
  • Economical but meaningful gifts – such as tastefully engraved bricks – for the highest donor and first place winners.

Bricks R Us Can Help!

At Bricks R Us, we understand all about organizing a successful fundraiser.  After your event, give us a call, and our staff will be happy to assist you with creating an assortment of “thank you” bricks.

If you have any questions about brick fundraising or fundraising in general, please contact us today!

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