Spread Seasonal Cheer with these Holiday Fundraisers

November 5, 2014

If your organization wants to have more funds to work with in the New Year, you should consider organizing a fundraiser during the holiday season.  There are plenty of options for holiday fundraisers at this time of the year, plus most prospective donors are already in a “giving” frame of mind.  It’s a win-win proposition.  If organizing a fundraiser around the holidays is a consideration for your organization, why not try one of these great ideas:

Spread Seasonal Cheer with these Holiday Fundraisers

Bring holiday cheer to donors with these seasonal fundraising ideas.

Child Care/Babysitting

As most parents know, trying to shop for holiday gifts is nearly impossible with two or three children in tow.  Holding a babysitting fundraiser during the biggest shopping days of the season could quickly fill your organization’s coffers, while also giving parents a break.

Depending on your local community, your services might also be in big demand during holiday parties, and of course, on New Year’s Eve.  You’ll want to get the word out to parents via email, social media and fliers.  Remember to include contact information, the 411 on your organization, and how the funds will be used.


If you’ve never gone caroling, you may not realize what a simple method of fundraising this is.  Don’t worry that any of your group needs to be expert singers.  In this type of effort, enthusiasm is nearly as important as ability!

Before caroling, you should consider song sheets, donation cans and clothing.  When people get nervous they forget the words to songs, so it’s best to print out song sheets for the group to carry along – plus, not everyone knows all the same songs by heart.  You’ll want to create at least one large donation jar/can with your organization’s name labeled clearly on the front so your audience is clear on your mission.  Also, you’ll make a much better impression on your prospective donors if your group is outfitted in cheery, bright-colored hats, mittens and scarves.

Holiday Decorations

Putting up holiday decorations is time consuming and can be difficult, especially for older people or single-parent households.  Taking those decorations down and putting them away properly can also be an unwelcome chore for most families.  If your organization would like to assist homeowners with their holiday decoration issues, your group could really “cash in” with this holiday task.

Organizing a fundraiser like this is quite easy.  You just need to put your group’s info on a flier and distribute them in your local area, including likely neighborhoods.  Also, remember to send the flier to your contacts by email.

When the weather warms up and you’re ready to switch to a large scale fundraiser, contact our team at Bricks R Us.  We can help you create engraved bricks or tiles for a brick campaign fundraiser beginning this spring or summer.

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