Seven Habits of a Highly Effective Fundraiser

June 18, 2014
effective fundraiser

Networking and building personal connections can better assist a growing fundraiser.

Every organization is different, with a unique mission or goal to achieve.  As such, there isn’t one recipe one should follow to achieve their goals.  However, there are some key elements that any organization can put to use in order to have an effective fundraiser.  If you’re part of an organization seeking a way to develop successful fundraisers, take a look at these seven habits of effective fundraisers.

  • Always be available to your supporters by picking up the phone and speaking with them directly.  Speaking with your donors shows that you care.  It also puts a personal touch behind your name to effectively build relationships.  If you would like, send a follow-up email confirming the information you discussed over the phone.
  • Know what tactics work best for your group and try to capitalize on those tactics.  Inspect past fundraising efforts and measure the return on investment to help determine what methods of fundraising are most successful.
  • Network through your current donors and volunteers by asking them to connect your organization with their contacts.  Word of mouth can be extremely powerful in expanding your fundraising potential.
  • Do not put all of your eggs in one basket.  Diversify strategies to produce revenue.  If one stalls, you can still rely on the other.
  • Develop a strong board of directors through fundraisers that provide training, insight and motivation for the cause.  Campaigning can also attract new supporters to the board.
  • Focus the majority of your efforts on the activity that produces the highest rewards.  Do not be afraid to take things off your own plate and delegate it to the appropriate person.  This way, you can prioritize how to raise the most for your organization.
  • Continue learning about what you can do to improve your fundraising efforts by reading relevant articles, attending seminars, participating in training and talking with peers.  Developing your skills can make the difference between a fundraiser that does well and one that exceeds the set goal.

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