How Schools Have Benefited from Brick Fundraisers

January 28, 2016

Engraved brick fundraisers are so popular for schools because they can be used to help fund a variety of school projects and programs.

Schools of all sizes, from preschools to middle schools, high schools and even school athletic booster clubs have found success in using brick fundraising projects.  Here at Bricks R Us, a brick engraving company, we love helping schools with successful fundraisers.

Funds raised can be used for books, educational materials, after-school sports programs, athletic equipment, playground equipment, bleachers, art supplies, musical instruments and so much more.

How Schools Have Benefited from Brick Fundraisers

An engraved brick fundraiser can really help schools raise funds for whatever is needed.  Most fundraisers, in general, find greater success when the goal or project that is being funded is identified.  By targeting all funds toward a specific goal, schools can typically increase both fundraising and awareness of that goal.  Donors enjoy knowing exactly what their donations are being used for.

But you don’t have to take our word for it.  Listen to what some of our customers have to say.

“Our brick program recognizing corporate, family and memorial donations helped put our fundraising over the top.  We built our playground after only one year of fundraising and the kids were ecstatic!” said Debra Concepcion, of Freedom 7 Elementary in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

“With all the budget cuts these days, we feel very lucky to be able to provide our children with such a quality play place.  Thanks Brick R Us for being a big part of our successful team!  From all of us at Freedom 7 Elementary School of International Studies.”

Lisa Powell of the Oakland Booster Club raved about the success of its brick project, which helped raise funds for a new track.  The club sold at least 100 bricks that are now lined up around the track.  And club members have raised more funds throughout the year with a campaign called Bringing Back the Bricks.  The club plans to continue it for a couple of years.

Powell said members of the small community love being part of the high school’s new track foundation with the bricks.

Linda Peeler, of The Bedford School in Fairburn, Georgia, said the school’s fundraising brick project literally stops people in their tracks.

 “I do need to tell you that (as I notice out the window from my office) everyone who comes into our school stops to read and comment on our pavers.  We have begun filling our second rectangle and have already raised over $10,000!  It’s a great ongoing fundraise,” Peeler said.  “Bricks R Us is so easy to work with, and I love the new, convenient, online ordering.  Brick pavers are a great ongoing fundraiser for us.  Brick-R-Us makes it very easy.  In the beginning, when I had questions, communication with them was very easy (and continues to be).  I wish everyone I dealt with was this easy.  My job would be a lot simpler.”

If you’re a school or a school organization, contact us today to get started on your own brick fundraising project!

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