Sandblasting vs. Laser Engraving

March 10, 2010

The art of sandblasting has been perfected over time since its creation over 130 years ago.  We have combined this time tested process with the latest in computer aided manufacturing that provides clean and crisp engraving.  The sandblasting process engraves deeply into the chosen material insuring its longevity.  It allows for both simple text engraving and the engraving of custom artwork such as logos or symbols that you may wish to offer to your donors.
Laser engraving on the other hand uses a process called “vitrification” whereby the area of the brick to be engraved is melted which then hardens into glass.  Glass, of course, can be brittle and subject to cracking, chipping or fading.  Additionally, the depth of the engraving is much shallower than sandblasting which is actually a limitation of the laser process.  Over time as the surface of the material naturally wears it will leave the laser engraved area more exposed and thus prone to breakdown.
In over 21 years of business we have never had to replace a product due to breakdown of the engraved area and that is why we guarantee both the material and the engraving for life.

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