Sandblasting and Laser Engraving 101

November 22, 2016



Bricks R Us prides itself in being the only brick engraving company that offers both sandblasting and laser technology in order to create personalized bricks that are perfect for any fundraiser.

Sandblasting has been around for over a century and consists of a multi-step process that includes designing a stencil and placing it on the brick.  Then, the brick is then placed in a chamber where the gritty material is shot out of an incredibly powerful machine.  Sandblasting is still the preferred method to engrave monuments and gravestones.  Bricks R Us combines computer software with this technique to ensure optimum design controllability.

For laser engraved bricks, Bricks R Us uses the patent-pending process known as Perma- Grav.  This brick engraving technique was created and refined in the harshest conditions, with the results being beautifully precise engravings that can even include graphics.  The flexibility in design this technique offers allows customers to create the bricks they originally envisioned.

Whichever brick engraving process is chosen, we can assure high-quality bricks that fit your fundraiser’s vision.  En lieu of Thanksgiving, this week (from November 23rd to November 30th) we are going to be providing double the points in Brick Rewards, which accumulate in order to give you a permanent discount on future purchases.  Take advantage of this amazing deal today!

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