Why Brick Campaigns Are the Best Fundraising Method

February 3, 2017

When deciding to raise money for your cause, it’s natural to research the different possibilities that one could go about in collecting donations.  At Bricks R Us, we thrive on our loyalty to our customers and our industry transparency.  Below we tell you why brick campaigns are the best route to go when it comes to raising money for your cause. 


  1. The Emotional Appeal of Brick Campaigns.

The truth is, the reason that brick campaigns are as successful as they are is because it allows donors to personalize bricks that will last forever at the organization’s location of choice.  Donors are more compelled to give money to a cause if they’re receiving something in return, especially if it was tailored for them. 


  1. Profits from a Brick Campaign can be huge. 


On average, brick campaigns can profit from each brick a minimum of around $80 per brick., excluding the actual price for the bricks.  With that scenario, if your organization sold just 100 of our personalized bricks, your profit would be about $8,000.  This means that if you’re selling bricks by the hundreds, they can make your organization thousands in a very short amount of time.  With this type of campaign, we’re only thinking of the standard 4×8 bricks; if you also sell the 8×8 bricks, the profit should be at least $200 PER BRICK.  These are real numbers the majority of our customers use! 


Need assistance executing your brick fundraiser?  Bricks R Us can and wants to help!  Our customer service representatives are more than happy to help in every step of your brick fundraiser.   We’ll even do a webinar with your committee to help with every aspect of the campaign.


Our main goal is to ensure that you’re going to maximize your brick campaign’s return on  investment.  We also understand that not all of our customers are well-versed in the specifics of executing a fundraiser.  Because of this, we exclusively offer a user-friendly online ordering system that makes ordering bricks, printing reports, and proof of invoices a breeze. 


All in all, brick campaigns are one of the most underrated yet lucrative ways to raise money for your cause.  They’re appealing because they’re customized to your donor into something that will last a lifetime.  Interested in starting a brick campaign?  Contact us today.



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