Laser Brick Engraving Process

Laser Bricks
Most brick engraving companies only offer one type of engraving process.  However, we at Bricks R Us know that our customers want options regarding service, price, materials, and engraving methods.  This is why our customers are always happy to learn that we offer dual top-of-the-line brick engraving processes:

Perma-Grav™: Perma-Grav™ is a patent-pending laser engraving process that produces the ultimate in durability for the brick engraving process.  Perma-Grav™ was developed and tested in the most rigorous environments and it has been proven to be one of the top engraving methods available on the market today.  This laser engraving process produces precise detail, allowing our customers to order anything from simple text to detailed graphics.

Sandblasting: This process has been around for 130 years and we complement it with the latest in computer-aided manufacturing technology which provides a deep, clean and crisp engraving, ensuring its longevity.  Sandblasting has been around since the 1800s and is still the preferred method for many monuments and gravestones.

Each process has its particularities depending on what each customer is looking for.

Our lifelong guarantee applies to both brick engraving processes.

Are you interested in organizing an engraved brick fundraiser?  Remember, if you find an engraved brick competitor offering lower prices, just let us know and we will match those prices.  It’s our way of ensuring we are offering you the best in service, quality and pricing.

Give us the privilege to work with you and to demonstrate why we are the #1 brick engraving company!

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