Start Your Brick Engraving Fundraiser with an Engraved Memorial Bench

Bricks R Us offers you a variety of options for your brick engraving fundraiser. Engraved memorial benches, for example, are very effective for fundraising. They offer a way to memorialize a special person or event or give a dedication to someone from a class or organization.

An engraved memorial bench ideal for places where there is a lot of foot traffic. Memorial sites, for instance, have many visitors walking through, and benches will give these visitors a comfortable place to sit.

Browse through our selection of benches by scrolling down this page. You can also see some examples of benches we have engraved for customers in the past. Bricks R Us offers a variety of benches with different sizes, shapes, height and weight. All the prices you see on this page include shipping. An additional cost is incurred when adding a logo or symbol on a bench.

Do you have any questions about our engraved memorial benches or about organizing a fundraiser? Fill out a contact form or give us a call at 888-MY-BRICK. The Bricks R Us team is here to help you plan a successful fundraiser!

Curved Bench
Small Square Bench
Large Bench
Back with Bottom Bench
Granite Bench*

Additional Samples (Click to Enlarge)