Finished Brick Pavers – Product of the Month!

June 27, 2014

If your team leadership has decided that it’s time to raise money for your organization, you may be charged with coming up with fundraising ideas for the group.  Of course, there are many options for fundraising, but they don’t all fit every organization or cause.  Here at Bricks R Us, we are proud of our Finished Brick Pavers — which have been utilized by a number of nonprofit and civic groups for fundraising purposes.

When people think of bricks, they think of plain, red blocks that make up the chimney or wall of a house.  But there’s a lot more you can do with a brick!

Finished Brick Pavers - Product of the Month!

From homes to universities, Bricks R Us pavers have been used to uplift a variety of outdoor spaces.

At Bricks R Us, our finished brick pavers aren’t just plain, square-cut blocks.  Known as the “pretty bricks,” finished brick pavers have beveled edges, smooth surfaces, and “spacers” to help your crew set the bricks evenly in a convenient sand base.  Finished brick pavers are our most popular brick.


  • 4 inches by 8 inches across, by 2.25 inches deep
  • 8 inches by 8 inches across, by 2.25 inches deep

Color choices
Although red is still the most popular color, we have 12 other shades that any fundraiser will find intriguing including: Ivory, Mulberry, Majestic, Dark Antique, and Sunset Red.  Hover over any color for a close up look at the brick’s surface.

Combine different sizes and colors of bricks
Although some groups choose to build an entire plaza of 4×8 finished brick pavers, other groups enjoy mixing up colors, sizes, and even textures in order to create their display.  Here are some examples:

Charges for a finished brick paver include the cost of the brick (depending on the size), engraving, and shipping inside the Continental United States.

If your organization is considering engraved finished bricks, we’d be happy to speak with you today! The helpful staff at Bricks R Us can assist you with choosing the perfect color and size of Brick Pavers to support your organization.  We can also help your organization with its fundraising efforts by setting up an online ordering system and donor website.  Contact us today by phone at 888.MY.BRICK or live chat!

Image Source: Bricks R Us 

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