Personalize Your Brick Engraving with Customized Designs and Arrays

September 1, 2016


Tired of Dealing with Plain Text Engraving?

We’ve got you covered with a huge selection of customized designs and arrays applicable to our Bricks.


Bricks R Us Array


Engraving personalized bricks for your next event or fundraiser can get pretty complicated If your goal is to make it unique and memorable.  We offer you tons of opportunities to personalize that experience with our massive amount of customizations available(Over 300 to be exact).  Whether It’s the type of brick, color or its size we got your back.  Worried about having a specific symbol or logo on it?  This can be done with ease and precision that is sure to leave anyone impressed.

Now for those that are seeking to really bring that next level of “WOW” to your personalized bricks and add a strong sense of creativity.  We would point you in the direction of adding our arrays.  What does an array actually add on?  We’re glad you asked.  An array is basically your text engraved over a number of individual personalized bricks.  Our customers tend to love using arrays as the header of a selected area as each brick or tile will tend to have on word on it.  Want to see a list of symbols and arrays we have done before?  Just click here

As always our missions is to make the process of starting a fundraiser with personalized bricks as easy and simple as possible.  We help plan successful brick campaigns all the time and would love to help you plan a one of the kind fundraiser.  Feel free to reach out to us directly at 888-MY-BRICKS.

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