Our 30th Anniversary Celebration

June 6, 2019


In 2019, Bricks R Us is celebrating its 30th year in business, and to commemorate that fact, we are offering a discount of $.30 off each brick to our clients for all of 2019, so that your fund-raising efforts can be even more profitable to your cause.  We have always been about passing on value to our customers, and this 30th Anniversary discount is right in line with that philosophy.

When we first launched our business, we realized that there were other engraved brick companies in the country, but none of them got involved with clients to help with the fund-raising process.  We on the other hand, got involved by preparing brochures, videos, and online ordering systems to help with the whole enterprise.  We understood then as now, that our success was directly proportional to our clients’ success, so we continue to do everything possible to make your fund-raising efforts successful.

Our products and services over the years 

In addition to adding a great deal of value to the services provided to our clients, our products have also improved over the years.  Initially, all our memorial bricks were sand-blasted, and while we still offer that option, we now also do laser engraving on the bricks we provide.  That allows for the possibility of more intricate designs on the bricks, in case you would like to put something more than a name or company contributor on the brick.  Our processes are now automated as well, and that allows us to respond more quickly to clients’ needs, when time is an issue.

We are in fact, constantly looking to upgrade both our services and our products, so that we can keep a leg up on the competition, and so that we can better satisfy the needs of our customers.  Even though we are the largest memorial brick company in the country, we don’t want to rest on our laurels, so we strive to get better with each passing year.  One thing that has remained the same though, and which will always be something you can count on, is our first-rate customer service.

Whether your order is for 10 bricks or 10,000, you will receive the same cheerful and comprehensive customer service from our representatives, and you can expect that your order will receive prompt attention.  Some companies which are in business for several decades lose sight of the values which first caused them to achieve success, but Bricks R Us is just the opposite.  We recognize that we have become successful because we have produced a superior product, and we have provided outstanding customer service, so we intend to keep those two elements as featured components of our business.

Celebrate our 30th with us 

Help us celebrate our 30th Anniversary by placing an order with our $.30 per brick discount for all of 2019.  You’ll enjoy a lifetime guarantee on all our bricks, which means you’ll never have to worry about the engraving quality, and you’ll already know that we are a company that’s here to stay.  Our first 30 years in business have been great, but the next 30 will be even better, because we’ve learned a lifetime of valuable lessons, and our whole approach is now geared toward helping your fund-raising efforts be more successful.

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