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                                                                                         October, 2009



Dear Friend of the Zion Historical Society:


The City of Zion has a most unique heritage – one that’s worth preserving.   An important part of that heritage is Shiloh House.  Through fundraisers, memberships, and donations, the Zion Historical Society has been able to maintain Shiloh House.  However, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to raise the needed funds for house and grounds maintenance and repairs, insurance and general monthly operating expenses.   While our funding continues to decrease, costs continue to increase.  The Shiloh House general monthly operating expenses account will be empty by the end of 2009.  The Society must act now if we are to keep Shiloh House open in 2010.


The Zion Historical Society is launching a fundraising campaign to rebuild its treasury “one brick at a time”.   We are offering you an opportunity to become a part of Zion’s history by purchasing a brick, permanently engraved with an inscription of your choice, to be laid on the grounds of Shiloh House.  These bricks will last for many, many years to come serving as constant reminders of those who have become a part of Zion’s heritage.  The campaign details are enclosed.


Shiloh House belongs to the residents of Zion.  The Zion Historical Society members are merely charged with its preservation.  Your support would be greatly appreciated.




Carol Ruesch




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