Eagle Pride Brick by Brick

Show your Eagle Pride and Spirit with a personalized brick that will be on permanent display on the front wall entrance of our school.

Brick Details

        4x8 size; $100 each.

        4 lines with 18 characters per line.

        A character is any letter, number, space or punctuation mark.

        Each Logo is an additional $5.



        Highlight your Class of XXXX

        Celebrate Athletic Achievement

        Celebrate Academic Achievement and Awards

        Customize with School logo or other symbols ($5 each)

        Honor the teacher that made a difference in your life

        In memory or in honor of

All proceeds go directly to the West Union Endowment Fund. Remember, supporting the endowment is supporting our children’s education at West Union by providing materials inside the classrooms that might otherwise be unavailable. Give back to the place we all call home and help empower our youth for the brightest future possible!

*The Endowment Board reserves the right to review all text for appropriateness and to decline any sale.



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