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Pave the way for a New Wentworth School! Join the Wentworth School Buy-A-Brick Campaign today and purchase a commemorative brick(s) for yourself, family, friends, company or anyone who is interested in being a permanent part of Wentworth School history.

We are thankful to all of the New Wentworth supporters. This is an opportunity for everyone to become a permanent part of the school by having your engraved brick displayed in the front walkway for all to see.    We are excited that this campaign will directly help raise money to support the art displayed in the new school.

If you would prefer to use an order form, please click HERE.


A receipt will be mailed to you separately.  Your purchase is 100% Tax Deductible.


        Size Price Lines Characters Per Line  
        4 x 8 $50 3 18  
        8 x 8 $100 6 18  

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