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Lady Eagle Parents and other Eagle supporters have began work on the new softball field in Waurika.   Yes, the Lady Eagles will have a new playable softball field by August 2011.  The Waurika School System is going to fund half of the cost.  The Lady Eagles need your help on the other half. 

Total competion of the Lady Eagle Centennial Field will depend on funding.  A playable field by August 2011 would include playing field, dugouts, covered bleachers and fence.  We would love to have a completed field which would include concession stand and bathrooms.  This would enable us to hold tournaments, host district and raise pride in our students.

Our first fund raising project is called "BUY A BRICK".  We will be selling commemorative brick tiles that will be permanently displayed at the new field.  This is a wonderful opportunity to proudly display your name, a loved one's name, business, group or an accomplishment.  Whether it be in honor of, in memory of, or in recognition of, what a great way to permanently give recognition to  someone  or something. 

If you are interested in donating a larger amount or have any questions, please feel free to call Debbie or Darla at 580-228-2326 and ask what is available.   It would be an honor for the Lady Eagles to dedicate a dugout, tree or some other item to an individual donor.



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