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It has been over 60 years since Babs and Ham Warren’s dream of directing students towards the adventure in experiential and intercultural education which is Verde Valley School began. VVS is a place where young people learn how to think for themselves, and are encouraged to become intellectually curious, academically accomplished and creatively expressive. At VVS, citizenship and courage and a commitment to the improvement of the world are our standards.


We encourage the daily appreciation of our guiding principles:


Academic Excellence • The Value of World Citizenship • Service to Others

 • Environmental Stewardship • The Value of Physical Labor




To continue the legacy begun by Babs and Ham, and permanently mark your place at VVS for generations to come, we have started the Gretchen Warren Chapel Brick Project.  Your brick will be permanently set in the ground on the floor of the Chapel for all who enter to see, commemorating your experience at VVS.


By participating in this wonderful program, you will have the opportunity to contribute to Verde Valley School’s annual fund, helping to facilitate programs such as our scholarship fund, Field Trips, The Malawi Project, sports and outdoor programs, or improvements to the campus.


The 4”x8” bricks are available for purchase for $250, and come with a lifetime guarantee. Each brick can have three lines of text with up to 18 characters and spaces per line. If you are interested, a souvenir brick is available to you at no additional charge. Bricks can be engraved with the message of your choosing.


Please join us as we strive to provide the wonderful life experience at Verde Valley School to future generations of students!


To order your personalized brick, complete the form below. Thank you for your continued support of Verde Valley School.


Note: Payment online is accepted using Visa or MasterCard. For other credit card options, please contact the VVS office at 928-284-2272.


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