The Veterans Hall volunteers are planning an engraved brick walkway to honor veterans.  A veteran or a family member may order an engraved brick in honor of their veteran.  The walkway will be around the Veterans Hall building at the Schaghticoke Fairgrounds.  Our objective is to create a lasting memorial which will enhance Veterans Hall. 

Veterans Hall is comprised of a group of volunteers that saw a need and opportunity to have a local exhibit that was overdue. When this project was started it was to honor all veterans and collect the names of the veterans from Rensselaer County.  With the positive feedback and support from the community we have expanded to include Saratoga and Washington county veterans.   We will continue to categorize veterans by towns and cities within the county, branch of service, approximate dates served, and any other pertinent information.  This information is in a comprehensive form and on display for the public to view during the fair.  Community members can come to the fair or an open house and look up their loved one or friend.  There is also a binder for veterans outside of these three counties.

The Veterans Hall is a work in progress and represents a desire to show respect to the men and women who have served our country.  The response from veterans and those who love them has been very satisfying.  One of our objectives is to tell a story of their service with memorabilia and pictures.  Family and friends have enjoyed coming in to see their personal contributions to the Veterans Hall whether it be a picture, name or memorabilia.  The bricked walkway will be a wonderful asset to the Veterans Hall building and an additional way to honor all those that served and sacrificed! 



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