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Outdoor Classroom/Nature   Center  Coming to

Van Wert Elementary!!!!!

Students in Mrs. Kristie Hunt’s 5th grade gifted class envisioned an idea to build an outdoor classroom at Van Wert Elementary.   The students wanted the entire school to be involved in the planning of the project.    They surveyed students and composed a list from the entire student body.   Students came up with some great ideas such as:  bird feeders, bird baths, story time area, teaching area, picnic area, butterfly bushes, and many other types of plants.   The list was given to Mr. Bill Byrne, a landscape architect, who donated his services to Van Wert Elementary.    Students met with him on several occasions discussing the plan and making changes as needed.   Keep Polk Beautiful has been instrumental in making this project happen from linking us to local clubs to giving Van Wert a monetary donation.  We are so grateful to them for all their support.  

However , WE NEED YOUR HELP!       This project is projected to cost about $3750.00 + .    5th graders have been collecting coins each Thursday.  Our goal is to collect $750.00 so send your extra change on Thursdays.  

PTA  is also going to give every family a chance to be a part of this awesome project.    They will be selling bricks with a personalized name on each brick.   Bricks may be purchased for previous students of Goodyear Elementary, in memory of someone special , in honor of a special teacher or faculty member, or your child’s own personalized brick that will be in this area for many years to come. 


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