The mission of the USS SILVERSIDES SUBMARINE MUSEUM is to educate future generations about our history and enlighten them about the role our military played in keeping America free.  To support us in this endeavor, the USS SILVERSIDES MUSEUM would like to invite you to donate a brick, which would honor a service member of any branch of the military as well as First Responders. The brick will be a part of our museum and viewable to the public through our “Honor Garden.”

 The SILVERSIDES is a non-profit museum so the money from the bricks and will help preserve the USS SILVERSIDES and her legacy. Our fund raising will be accomplished from the “Buy a Brick” program to raise the money we need to keep true to our mission.  We want to honor their service, promote our national values and respect the sacrifices our Veterans and service members have made and are making for our freedom.

You can help our Veterans and forever honor your own! Be a part of the USS SILVERSIDES SUBMARINE MUSEUM “Honor Garden”, in beautiful Muskegon, Michigan. Order an honor brick for a friend, family member or other loved one who has served in one of our Armed Services or as a First Responder. Or honor your own service with a brick!



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