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Purchasing an inscribed brick at SSHSA Ship History Center is a timeless way to honor a friend, family member or crew of the maritime heritage community, past or present. Standard 4” x 8” bricks are $95 each and large 8” x 8” bricks are $175 each, a logo may also be added for an additional $30 charge.

By purchasing a brick, you are leaving a lasting mark on SSHSA while at the same time supporting the future of the organization. Proceeds will help sustain operation and grow membership.

 Stock Logos available include these, as well as all branches of the US Military Services:


Air Force, Anchor, Army, Atom, Boat – Square Rigger, Coast Guard, Fleur de Lis, Lighthouse, Maple leaf, Marines, Merchant Marine, Navy, Oar, Ribbon (cancer awareness), SSHSA burgee, Star, and Yacht



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