Vyctorya “Tori” Sandoval was a beautiful, bright and perfect little 2 year-old girl who died tragically on Easter Sunday morning, April 24, 2011. She had lived with a loving foster family for 8 months that were certified to adopt her should reunification fail with her bio parents.  On September 1, 2010, Tori (at 18 months old) was taken from the Sedgewick home and placed back with her biological mother and father.  Her foster parents, friends and even some family members begged DCFS social workers, supervisors,  and lawyers for months to try and get them to re-examine Tori’s case, but to no avail.  Tragically, on Easter morning, Vyctorya Sandoval was pronounced dead at 3:30 am at Loma Linda Hospital. Authorities had tried to revive her since the previous evening at 9:15 pm when she was found in Pomona with no heartbeat. A criminal case against Tori's biological parents is ongoing.

"Tori's Town” will be built in the backyard of Serenity Infant Care Homes.  “Tori's Town” will be built for children to laugh and play while honoring the memory of Tori.  The “path” through “Tori's Town” will be constructed out of bricks.  Each brick is available for purchase with a personal message.  Tori loved to play, please buy a brick to support a healthy environment for other foster children to enjoy.  For further information about Tori, her story, her tragedy, or Tori's foundation, please go to  Further donations are greatly appreciated, and needed!


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