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You can help beautify our parish property and at the same time commemorate a loved one or special event in your life.

As we work to renovate the parish grounds we turn attention to the area between the Schomaker Center and the Church, a space with much potential for both beauty and practicality. Our plans include a simple but beautiful prayer garden which will not only serve as the access between both buildings but also as a relaxing and re-energizing space for those who visit or work in the area. On Sundays, or even throughout the week, one will be able to sit and pray near the new home of our Blessed Mary Grotto.

We are financing this project by paving the area with Memorial Bricks. Memorial Bricks are much like conventional pavers except they also hold personal memorial inscriptions. You may purchase a Memorial Brick and have a message inscribed to remember a deceased loved one, honor a friend, commemorate a special event, or forever leave your family's name on the church grounds.


All proceeds from this project will be used by the Knights to help offset the costs of future building and grounds improvements at both the Church and our School.

Bricks can be ordered online or by filling out order forms which are available in the parish office.

4x8- $125
8x8- $200

"Together, we will create a pathway that leads us to a new beginning."

The Council reserves the right to review all text for appropriateness and to decline those that do not reflect the spirit of the project.




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